HEBOLD SYSTEMS has for many years been developing and supplying custom solutions in mixing and homogenising technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

The company manufactures mixers as homogenisation and dispersion systems for making creams, gels, ointments, lotions and shampoos. The processing equipment for the manufacture of semisolid products is available in standard sizes ranging from 5 to 10,000 litres. We design complete systems according to customer specifications. They can include one or more HEBOLD mixers – with or without lid lifting equipment – homogenisers, preparation phase vessels, vacuum systems, heating and cooling equipment, piping, catwalks and the control systems with process visualisation and recipe management.

For the demanding GMP-compliant production of liquids, HEBOLD plans, designs, and manufactures mobile and stationary agitator and mixing vessels, and even complex certified sterile systems.

Agitator vessels have either a single or double-wall and, depending on the application, are either equipped with top-mounted agitators with high-quality dual-action rotating mechanical seals or with bottom-mounted magnetic agitators. For export worldwide, HEBOLD SYSTEMS GMBH manufactures processing equipment and systems as well as pressure vessels compliant with a wide range of standards, such as DGR 2014/68/EG, AD2000-HP0, DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and the ASME U-Stamp.

Welding process tests for all materials commonly used in sterile applications are available. Our very high quality standard combined with our in-house design department and our production make HEBOLD a competent and flexible partner.

  1. 1925

    Firmengründung „Franz Hebold Maschinen- und Eisenbau“ als Maschinenbau Unternehmen

  2. 1940

    Herstellung von Schiffsarmaturen, und Schiffstüren

  3. 1946

    Entwicklung und Einführung von Mischern und Mischtechnik für die Kosmetik, Pharma-, und Lebensmittelindustrie

  4. 1947

    Einstieg in die Chemie-Apparatebau

  5. 1954

    Mischanlagenverkauf an Weltmarken (e.g. Palmolive, Beiersdorf,…)

  6. 1960

    Einführung der ersten Mischanlage für die Produktion von Zahnpaste bei “Colgate”

  7. 1966

    Auslieferung des ersten Koaxialrührwerks

  8. 1978

    Beginn der Fertigung von Druckkammern; auch für die Schiffs-Industrie

  9. 1984

    Hebold kauft Haagen & Rinau (Unimix) und macht es mit >300 verkauften Mischanlagen zur Weltmarke

  10. 1995

    Fam. Hebold verkauft die Firma Haagen & Rinau mit dem Markennamen „Unimix“

  11. 2017

    Hebold gehört zur Hänsel Group

  12. 2015

    Hebold gehört zu den TOP 100% Made in Germany Maschinenbauern

  13. 2016

    Hebold erweitert sein Produktportfolio um die HEBOMIX® - Serie

  14. Heute



As a result of the quality and reliability of our work and products we have acquired a broad range of certifications and licences, which moreover enables us to be present in the international market. Our certifications and licences cover our internal quality management system, and include the necessary approval for manufacturing equipment and plants that need to be monitored according to DGR 2014/68/EU and for manufacturing welded structures according to DIN EN 3834-2.

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