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Technical center

The whole variety of mixing technology in test operation: The technical center of Hebold Systems GmbH.

Here you have the opportunity to test your products on site. Because in the pilot plant, different systems and machines are available to you, which represent all common processes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

Thermal treatment:

  • cooking
  • aseptic production
  • ultra high temperature heating
  • heating (direct steam injection)
  • heating (double jacket)
  • cooling (double jacket
  • evaporation (double jacket)


  • homogenizing / fine grinding
  • dispersing
  • emulsifying
  • suspending
  • pureeing
  • creaming


  • vacuum
  • venturi suction
  • pumps with flow meter
  • lifting & tilting device
  • weighing

Our pilot plant is therefore the ideal place to test new technologies and processes. During the test run, it becomes apparent how the various system components interact and where adjustments are necessary if required. You can view and evaluate at your leisure and, of course, contribute your ideas for optimization. Our specialists will be happy to support you.

Contact us now to make your appointment at the technical center! Intelligent engineering from Hebold Systems. Are you ready for the new dimension in plant engineering?

Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven