HEBOMIX production mixers draw on our more than 60 years of experience and expertise in mixing technology for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

In our mixer designs we pay particular attention to the high level of hygiene and quality awareness necessary when handling the highly sensitive additives and products in the cosmetics industry. This is essential to help you not only reduce to a minimum the risk of any bacterial contamination and but also maintain a consistent product quality.

The well established technology used in HEBOMIX systems adheres to GMP guidelines and guarantees a high level of safety, process accuracy and re­pro­duci­bi­lity of results. The modular system design is extremely versatile and allows the direct suction intake of solids and liquids, mixing and dis­per­sing, heating or cooling of the product as well as general processing under a vacuum or pressure.

A particular positive feature here is the special design of the patented HEBOMIX tandem homogeniser. This enables, besides the classic rotor-stator method of working, shear sensitive products and in­ter­me­diate products to be con­veyed through the homo­geni­ser in ”gentle” tandem operation without the help of additional feed pumps. Moreover, tandem operation sup­ports the CIP cleaning system, similar to a CIP pump, and so reduces the cleaning times as a result of the increased pump per­for­mance. Consequently the system con­tri­butes to sus­tain­abi­lity in terms of water and CIP cleaning agents.