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News der Hebold Systems GmbH: Wir sind immer in Bewegung

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

HEBOLD SYSTEMS was founded in 1925 and has since developed and advanced in mechanical engineering and mixing technology. We skillfully apply the experience and knowledge we have gained to plant engineering and successfully serve the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries with individual solutions in mixing and homogenization technology.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

Which industries are served by your company?

HEBOLD SYSTEMS designs and manufactures mixing plants for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the food and cosmetic sectors. Our focus is on the construction of vacuum mixing plants, homogenizing plants, continuous plants, vessels and tanks for the production of liquid and semi-solid products.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How do you ensure that your products meet the specific requirements of each customer?

We carefully talk through your project with you and evaluate specific requirements before project approval. In addition, you can conduct tests on our machines in advance in our laboratory to achieve the best possible results.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How do your innovations differ from standard solutions?

Our mixing plants are individually adapted to the needs of your products. From design to assembly, all processes take place internally at our company. In this way, we ensure that knowledge and experience are passed on and important information is passed from department to department.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How are your products tested for durability?

Regardless of whether you choose a continuous plant or a homogenizer, we ensure that manufacturing meets the highest standards, following international certificates and guidelines.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How can customers ensure that their mixing systems meet their manufacturing processes?

Regardless of the individuality of each machine, our mixers (homogenizers and dispersers) are manufactured according to international standards and certifications. Before the start of construction, requirements and elements, such as vacuum systems, heating and cooling equipment, pre-phase vessels, etc., are defined and specified together with you. Only after completion and discussion of the offer we start the construction and inform you about the progress.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

What kind of support does your company offer after the sale of mixing systems?

After delivery of e.g. a process system or a vessel, we offer 24/7 after-sales service. We have set up an additional telephone hotline to answer questions as quickly as possible. Our technicians are also happy to support you on site at any time in order to ensure production and prevent possible problems with mixing systems.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How can I make an appointment at the technical center?

We are happy to welcome you in our technical center for advice on mixing systems, as well as for trials. Test your products on our mixing systems in advance to achieve the perfect results. To make an appointment you can either email us at sales@hebold.com or call us at +49(0)4721 601838.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

How long does it take to deliver and install a mixing system?

We start purchasing and production as soon as the order for the mixing system is approved by you. The duration of production and completion including final assembly depends on your desired product as well as the associated delivery times of the individual components. Please note that worldwide deliveries require between 2-6 weeks more time due to transfer times.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

What are the payment terms for the purchase of a mixing system?

Payment terms vary depending on the product and agreed delivery date.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.

To which countries do you deliver your plants?

HEBOLD SYSTEMS delivers vacuum plants, mixing plants, homogenizing plants as well as tanks and vessels worldwide. For this purpose, we cooperate with various forwarding agents in order to keep the transfer times as short as possible.

Last update on 06.10.2023 by Sander Concept.