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Continuous mixing systems

CONTILINE - The Ideal Mixing System for Emulsions

With the CONTILINE system, mixing in phases takes place in fixed, successive steps. Similar raw materials can be combined in groups to form only one phase. They pass through the system and are combined in the final step as a finished product.

Each line has precisely defined production rates. With the addition rates of the input phases, the conditions in the mixing zones are kept constant throughout. After restarting the mixer system, the steady state condition can be easily restored. In this mode of operation, each element to be produced is treated equally. As an end product, CONTILINE produces very stable, high-quality emulsions that have a long shelf life, fine particle sizes, and a very narrow particle size distribution.

Continuous plant with 6 phases

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Continuous mixing method

Our continuous mixing method is one of the most effective production methods in the industry. This is because it allows uncomplicated processing without interruptions and reflows. The decisive advantage: consistently high quality can be achieved at significantly lower costs.

Batch production was yesterday! Because the direct and indirect costs with this method are enormous! Why?

  • You have a low degree of automation.
  • In return, high downtimes for cleaning, mixing and cooling steps in the process.
  • There are large variations in the quality of the end product and a wide particle size distribution.

With Hebold Systems you play it safe. We will be happy to inform you about what state-of-the-art mixing technology can do for you.

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