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Inline homogenizers

Made for optimum quality

Inline homogenizers from Hebold Systems offer versatile application possibilities: They can convey and mix the product material in a targeted manner. This makes them particularly suitable for dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and comminuting liquid to semi-solid products.

The core element is a strong rotor-stator ring gear that presses the product through between stationary stator teeth. In the process, it is subjected to extreme shear. This high-intensity action in a very small space enables optimum product results to be achieved in terms of homogeneity and fineness.

The homogenizers can be used both stationary as a fixed installation on a plant or tank and in mobile designs, e.g. on several vessels with changing locations. For new applications, we offer the possibility of retracing and optimizing processes in our pilot plant. We can send existing mobile homogenizers to our customers for testing purposes.


Mobile Inline Homogenizer HNE 1000

You have a project in mind?

Your contact: Thorsten Künnmann

Thorsten Künnmann - Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven

Working gently in tandem mode

Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven

If in intermediate phases the energy input should be too intensive, the speed can be reduced. If there is still too much shear, Hebold Systems offers you the patented TANDEM solution to keep the conveying capacity constant. Here, the shear is completely switched off and the homogenizer is converted into a pure pumping operation.

PowderStream: Suction without vacuum

Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven

Our PowderStream is mounted on the housing of the homogenizer and is responsible for the direct dispersion of powders without vacuum equipment. The liquid passing through is deflected in a narrowing cross-section so that a partial vacuum is formed. This strong negative pressure causes powder to be sucked in from a container with a lance.

Advantages at a glance

  • explosion-proof design
  • no need for cleaning pumps (own CIP capability)
  • all connection types DIN 11851 or connectors
  • hygienic pharmaceutical design, CIP pump
  • material: stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4571
  • surfaces: ground or polished
  • everything from one source: Manufacturing of all main components by Hebold Systems
  • spare parts service within 24 h
  • monitoring and display of further process variables: Temperature, pressure, conductivity optional
  • different tooth geometries can be used
  • test and rental equipment
  • trials in our pilot plant
  • integration into complete process plants with pre-phase boilers and mixing systems