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Vacuum Homogenizing Mixing Plants

Complete systems for all-round efficient mixing processes

We develop high-performance systems that perfectly mix semi-solids as well as liquids. Our HEBOMIX systems incorporate a great deal of ingenuity - and, of course, state-of-the-art technology, ensuring efficient mixing, homogenizing and emulsifying.

Because they are complete systems, HEBOMIX mixers are ready to operate for a wide range of products and applications.

The standard version has all basic functions such as heating or cooling, vacuum connection and the control unit. Due to a modular design concept, new functionalities can of course also be integrated subsequently.



  • proven comb paddle agitator with adjustable baffle
  • direct suction of solid and liquid phases via the homogenizer
  • optimized mixer design for use of minimum agitation volumes
  • designed for high product viscosities
  • low dead space and wear-free homogenizer for optimal cleaning
  • efficient and fast heat transfer through heating/cooling system
  • reliable lid closure system with clamping segment screws
  • highly functional scraper with easy, tool-free handling
  • adjustable mixing/homogenizing intensity for optimum product properties

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Your contact: Thorsten Künnmann

Thorsten Künnmann - Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven
900L process vessel with 800L pre-phase kettle, fully enclosed
2000L process vessel with platform and 400L pre-phase kettle
1250L mixing vessel with lift system, platform, and cleaning station