Inline homogenisers from HEBOLD can be used for many different applications as they are able to handle and mix product ingredients in various targeted ways, for instance for dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying and brea­king up liquid and semi-solid products.

The centrepiece of the homogeniser is a rapidly rotating rotor-stator sprocket construction, which pres­ses the product between fixed stator projections. In doing so the product is subject to extreme shear forces. Due to this intense stress concentrated in a small space it is possible in a short time to achieve optimum results as regards product homogeneity and refinement.

”Gentle” processing in tandem operation (patented)

If the energy input is too intense in intermediate phases it is possible to reduce the rotational speed. If this measure proves insufficient, be­cause the shear forces are still too high and the rate of output is too low, then HEBOLD‘s patented TANDEM option can be applied. In this case the shearing action is switched off completely and the homogeniser is changed to per­for­ming a simple pumping ope­ration.

Suction without a vacuum

A lance is additionally installed on the frame of the homogeniser for dispersing powders directly without using a vacuum system. The liquid passing through the unit is diverted into a section with a narrowing cross-section so that a partial lower pressure is created. This lower pressure is so intense that it can suck powder through a lance from a container.

Another advantage of using the TANDEM option in combination with the lance: higher flow speeds, and faster and better suction.

Design types

HEBOLD homogenisers are low maintenance machines and are available in various designs and sizes, for example as hygienic pharmaceutical units, as explosion-proof machines permanently in­stal­led in a plant or to a tank, and also as mobile units.