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Cosmetic Industry

Mixing Technology for highly sensitive substances. With patented tandem operation

HEBOMIX production mixers incorporate over 60 years of expertise - especially for the requirements of the cosmetics and personal care industry.

We therefore know very well how important consistently high product quality is in this segment. Mixing systems here have to meet the highest hygiene requirements in order to reduce the risk of contamination. This applies in particular to highly sensitive additives used in certain cosmetic products.

All these criteria are given special consideration in our mixing design. The proven technology of HEBOMIX systems is manufactured according to GMP guidelines and guarantees a high degree of safety, process accuracy and reproducibility of results. The modular design of the system is versatile.

The functions of the HEBOMIX systems:

  • direct aspiration of solids and liquids
  • mixing and dispersing
  • heating or cooling of the product
  • processing under vacuum or pressure

Our patented HEBOMIX tandem homogenizer deserves special mention. In addition to the classic "rotor-stator" mode of operation, it also allows shear-sensitive products and intermediates to be conveyed through the homogenizer in gentle tandem operation - without the aid of additional feed pumps.

  • creams
  • deo
  • body care products
  • lotions
  • lipstick
  • shampoo
  • mascara / eyeliner
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • flavors and perfume
  • ... and more

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Thorsten Künnmann - Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven

The Hebold advantage: Savings in water and cleaning agent.

Similar to a CIP pump, the tandem function supports the CIP cleaning system and reduces cleaning times due to the increased pumping capacity. Thus, our patented system contributes to savings of water and "CIP cleaning agent".

Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven

Advantages at a glance:

  • short operating cycle times
  • flexibility
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • economical, energy-efficient, resource-saving
  • fast and complete residual emptying


Thermal treatment:

  • aseptic production
  • heating
  • cooling


  • mixing
  • homogenizing
  • dispersing
  • emulsifying
  • suspending


  • vacuum
  • pumps with flow meter
  • weighing