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Food industry

Mixing systems that meet the strictest guidelines of the industrial food industry.

For consumers, product quality and food variety are top priorities. In addition, there is a shift in consumer awareness toward healthy, nutrient-rich diets. Likewise, an increasingly aging population is influencing demand for food.

As a result, the demands on food production and processing have grown steadily in recent years.

Your partner: HEBOMIX

Our HEBOMIX portfolio fully meets the needs of industrial food processing. Whether cooking, emulsifying, homogenizing or mixing - HEBOMIX mixing systems cover a wide range of variations and ensure smooth processes.

But that's not all: The range of applications of HEBOMIX systems also leaves nothing to be desired. This makes it possible to process, for example:

  • mixed products (dressings)
  • ready meals
  • soups
  • dips and sauces
  • fruit drinks (smoothies)
  • emulsions (mayonnaise and ketchup)

From convenience food to delicacies: Hebold Systems develops the optimal solution for you. Industry-specific engineering from planning to implementation. Convince yourself of our competencies.


  • Konfitüre
  • Aufstriche & Pasten
  • Babynahrung
  • Flüssige Gewürze
  • Ketchup & Mayo
  • Dressings
  • Suppen
  • Säfte
  • Zuckerlösungen

You have a project in mind?

Your contact: Thorsten Künnmann

Thorsten Künnmann - Hebold Systems - Industrielle Mischtechnik in Cuxhaven


Thermal treatment:

  • cooking
  • aseptic production
  • ultra high temperature heating
  • heating (direct steam injection)
  • heating (double jacket)
  • cooling (double jacket)
  • evaporation (double jacket)


  • Mixing
  • homogenizing / fine grinding
  • dispersing
  • emulsifying
  • suspending
  • pureeing
  • creaming


  • vacuum
  • venturi suction
  • pumps with flow meter
  • lifting & tilting device
  • weighing