After Sales Service

We provide a 24-hour spare parts service, which means we can react to your needs immediately. Of course, we always have spare parts for our machines in stock. And we can arrange delivery of spare parts for machines other than our own.
You can contact us during our opening hours from 7 am to 4 pm:
Tel: +49 (0)4721 601838

Pilot Plant Laboratory

We have our own pilot plant laboratory for carrying out customer tests.

Data Library

You can use the following link to download our conditions of delivery and payment. (August 2018)

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All the engineering from a single company

HEBOLD offers comprehensive services in planning and developing mixing technology that is adapted to specific customer needs.

This means that – depending on a customer’s needs or product/technical production requirements – we offer a wide range of different design options:

  1. Automatic lid locking
  2. cGMP / FDA, CFR part 11
  3. CIP- and SIP-capable
  4. Ingredient input and weighing systems
  5. Pressure vessels complying with PED, ASME U-Stamp
  6. Simple and compact controls
  7. Electropolishing, mirror finish
  8. Explosion-protected equipment
  9. Calibration services
  10. Records of materials including special materials
  11. Peripheral equipment for heating, cooling, vacuum and steam systems
  12. Qualifications (IQ / OQ)
  13. Cleaning and ingredient input units
  14. Pipelines with orbital welding
  15. Rotor/stator homogenisers, tandem system
  16. Welding documentation
  17. Sensors for conductivity, pH, amount of flow, temperature and so on
  18. Special stirrers for high viscosity mixtures/difficult mixing and melting tasks
  19. Stationary and mobile systems
  20. Sterile designs with no dead space
  21. Fully automatic systems with batch operation and management

As an experienced plant engineering company with a very high level of in-house production and qualified employees we are in a position of being able to develop customer-specific solutions also in other areas of work. Our team of experts supports you from the preliminary planning stage and accompanies you through the project to the turnkey handover.


Test your products in our pilot plant laboratory! This will allow you to see at first hand what our machines and equipment are capable of doing and the solutions they can provide. For instance you can see the suction feed, product insertion, mixing and blending, heating and cooling times, cleaning validation and the user-friendliness.